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Speaking For Daily Context

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Speaking For Daily Context

Judul : Speaking For Daily Context
Penulis : Dr. Sam Hermansyah,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Prof. Dra. Nasmilah, M. Hum, Ph.D., Dr. Usman M,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Dr. Khadijah Maming,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Roni,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Isumarni,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Nurul faradillah,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Nurhikmah,S.Pd.,M.Pd., Agus Hambing,S.Pd
Ukuran : 14,5 x 21 cm
Tebal : 124 Halaman
Cover : Soft Cover
No. ISBN : 978-623-162-703-2




Thanks to God, finally we can accomplish this ‘Speaking 1 Handout’ for the students of the first semester of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidenreng Rappang. This hand out is designed, arranged and compiled based on the current curriculum of KKNI. We tried to fulfill the need of students in enhancing their speaking skill not only through theoretical expressions but also practical sides. This hand out is easy to follow and equipped by some videos and movies to make it more interesting and fully joyful. Not only that, it delivers some practices to strengthen students’ understanding in implementing the speaking expressions given. The contents of this hand out are fully considered to the recent issues of teaching English as the second language in university. Students will learn about the fruitful topics like; demonstrating how to say what they want in a shop and ask the price, demonstrating how to use public transport, asking for basic information and buying tickets, demonstrating how to ask for and give direction, demonstrating how to make and respond to invitations, etc. The goal of compiling this material is that providing students with the best track of joining the speaking 1 class since it is completed by the exercises which empowering them to dare to speak English. We believe that this hand out is not the perfect made. If there are some critics and inputs to make it better, we will kindly accept any suggestions. Thank you for the attention and being one of the big readers/ users of this hand out.

Speaking For Daily Context

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