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Introducing Pronunciation Drills (IPD)

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Introducing Pronunciation Drills (IPD)

Judul : Introducing Pronunciation Drills (IPD)
Penulis : Dedy Suhery,M.S.Ph.D, Dr. Mohd Hamid Raza, Zahratul Idami
Ukuran : 15,5 x 23 cm
Tebal : 104 Halaman
Cover : Soft Cover
No. QRCBN: 62-2066-8007-473


The synopsis of the present work is related to the pronunciation of speech sounds and how to use the phonetic alphabet to understand the word format in a particular language. Today, non-native English learners often seek clarification on pronouncing specific words due to a lack of awareness of phonetics. They need to grasp the parameters of speech sounds as they appear in the beginning, medial, and final positions of words. In this book, the writers provide a clear vision of English vowels and consonants, highlighting their usage in different contexts with varying word pronunciations.

Apart from the classification of English vowels and consonants, the writers also represented the phenomena of the ‘silent letters’ that occurred in the different positions of the words. It is determined that non-native English speakers need to gain more knowledge to identify the silent letters in the words. Most of the time, it is generalized that they have pronounced the silent letters of the words during the communication. In this book, the data were given to find out the different types of silent letters they use regularly due to a need for knowledge of English. With data analysis regarding the silent letters, the writers transcribed the words correctly and showed the learners how to pronounce them.

In addition to the above features, the writers also mentioned the process of the phonological conditioning of the allomorphs in the English language. It defined the parameters of the speech sounds that cannot occur in a specific environment to change the meaning of the words. It appeared in the ‘complementary distribution’ process, which means one occurs, but the second cannot be in the same environment in the English language. It is applied in both forms of words, such as number (singular vs. plural) and verb (past tense). The research found that non-native English speakers need to be made aware of the phonological conditioning of the allomorphs. So, they used it as ‘contrastive distribution,’ not in ‘complementary distribution’ to change the sense of a pair of tokens in English. In this book, the writers explain the conditioning of speech sounds very clearly so that they can be used in different contexts or environments. All these processes can be seen in the book clearly with the facts of the data.

Introducing Pronunciation Drills (IPD)

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