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NATONI : Oral Speech in Timor as a Cultural Heritage

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NATONI : Oral Speech in Timor as a Cultural Heritage

Judul      : NATONI : Oral Speech in Timor as a Cultural Heritage

Penulis   : MARGARITA D. I. OTTU, S.Pd.,M.Pd.K., dan ANDREW T. THREN, B.A.,M.A.

Ukuran   : 15,5 x 23 cm

Tebal       : 148 Halaman

Cover       : Soft Cover

No. ISBN : 978-623-497-960-2


Natoni is an oral utterance that is expressed in the form of traditional poetry verses (pantun) and is spoken by a group of people, namely the Atonis (leader) and the Atutas (supporting) group. Natoni is a sacred language which means that it reflects the sincerity and friendliness of the Dawan people (Atoin Meto). Atonis consists of one person, while Atutas is a group of people whose role is to connect or complete the speech of the Atonis. The Atonis will recite sentence by sentence but the sentences spoken are incomplete sentences, meaning that the last word of the spoken verse will be cut off and end with a syllable, namely ne as a sign or pause for the Atutas to complete the verse. Natoni is sung in unison by the Atonis and Atutas. The characteristic of the Atonis in reciting the verses is usually with a fast tempo and full of enthusiasm and convincing intonation.

Natoni has a very important role and has a relationship with the traditions of the Dawan people. One can understand Natoni from the meaning of each line. Natoni is a source of reading to deepen knowledge in order to preserve the noble values of the regional culture. Natoni is an oral literature which is considered as poetry or traditional rhymes that have value and meaning. Therefore, Natoni must be preserved as the cultural heritage of the Dawan people. In its implications for learning, the Natoni texts can be used as a reference for English, Indonesian, and Cultural Arts subjects.

NATONI : Oral Speech in Timor as a Cultural Heritage

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