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Theoretical And Applied : PSYCHOLINGUISTICS

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Theoretical And Applied : PSYCHOLINGUISTICS

Writer             :           Mohammad Halili, dan Fatimatus Zahroh

Size                        :              14,5 x 21

Bold                       :              119 page

Cover                     :              Softcover





This book is purposefully written to offer theoretical and practical insights into the field of Psycholinguistics: the interdisciplinary linguistics areas concerning the language processing in the brain, how language is acquired or learned, and how language is taught. Meeting the combination between psycholinguistic principles and hands-on experiences, the readers may gain valuable advice for their real-world application.

One of the topics covered is the stages in children’s language acquisition. This section provides useful information about ages, that all parents or caregivers need to be aware of, which should come along with their vocabulary accretion. Meaning that children in a particular age should indicate a particular tier of recognized and meaningful words. Furthermore, this also addresses speech and language delay, which is increasingly becoming an anxious issue, especially in the last two decades.

Theoretical And Applied : PSYCHOLINGUISTICS

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